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Who we are


Amy Crawford

Managing Director

Amy's background is in product management and she bounces out of bed in the morning to ensure we deliver an effective course and a top-notch student experience. With a first class degree from Cambridge, she's passionate about the power of great education.


Anton Damianos

Head of Squared Programmes

Antony’s covered a lot of ground during his decade in education. First turbocharging top talent at Ernst & Young, then revolutionising digital training for the advertising industry with Squared programmes at Google.

Christine Olivier

Head of Learning Operations

With 20 years’ experience developing distance and e-learning programmes, Christine is a leader in her field. When she’s not fine tuning the Squared programme, she enjoys travel and a good book.


Phil Williams

Head of Corporate Partnerships


As a Squared Online graduate himself, Phil’s perfectly positioned to help companies grow and develop their digital talent through Squared Online. Phil is a graduate of Cambridge University and has worked with both advertisers and agencies, from global organisations to fast growing entrepreneurial ventures.


Sandy Tsang

Head of Commercial

Sandy truly appreciates how internet advertising has evolved from neon smileys to programmatic sophistication. Having made her mark at great consumer finance brands, she is excited to be delivering world-class training for aspiring marketers.