Squared Online Reviews

For Stephanie, Squared Online was the push she needed to change her life

The digital side of marketing had always been Stephanie’s passion. Embarking on Squared Online, however, ignited that passion into something truly life-changing!

How did Stephanie get started with Squared?

Stephanie was coming to the end of her maternity leave when she decided that she wanted a change from her current job. As a Director of Marketing in the Arts and Heritage field, Stephanie felt that it was time for a fresh start.

“I loved my job but needed to find a way to balance my career with my new role as a mum. It was also the perfect time to update my digital skills, knowledge and confidence.” She also wanted a formal qualification, as her digital skills had been almost entirely self-taught throughout her 14-year career.

She’d heard about Squared Online, the digital marketing and leadership course developed with Google, but had never had the time to commit to it. However, now the time seemed to be right and she enrolled. “In my Squared intro video, I said that I expected it to be life-changing. This was said with my tongue in my cheek at the time, but it actually turned out to be true!”

Were her expectations met?

“My expectations were more than met. I learned so much, as well as getting the confidence to accept that I was definitely qualified and experienced enough to take the leap into freelance work and call myself a consultant.”

Stephanie didn’t know how she’d find online learning, but she loved it. “The live classes were engaging, fun and interactive, and soon became the highlight of my week.”

It was the same story with the group work element of the course. “I still remember the nerves I felt before the first virtual meeting with my team. What if they were all more experienced than me? What if I didn’t have any contributions to make?”

Her worries were, of course, completely unfounded, and she and her team got on fantastically. “I was quickly appointed as team leader and we went on to achieve the highest ever score for a module 2 project. When I received the marks and my individual feedback from the group, the smile didn’t leave my face for hours, especially when the flood of overjoyed messages started to fly around our WhatsApp group that afternoon.”

“The group work not only built up my self-confidence, but it also led to me meeting some brilliant people. I met someone who runs her own marketing consultancy, and towards the end of the course she offered me my first freelance gig. It was exactly the push I needed to take the leap – and leap I did!”

So, what are her final thoughts?

Stephanie graduated from Squared with a distinction, and was named as one of the four ‘Inspirational Squares’ in her cohort. She now uses what she learned during Squared every day of her working life, and her freelance career is going from strength to strength.

“I am absolutely loving working with so many different organisations and getting to know their teams, giving them advice, trying out new things with them, and getting them fired up about the endless possibilities of digital.

“I’m really happy with how things are going – and Squared definitely played a huge part in getting me to where I am right now.”


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