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Laura finally got the marketing role she wanted with the help of Squared Online

Despite securing two marketing roles after university, Laura was frustrated with how they had turned out. As a marketing intern and then marketing assistant, she had found that her role was mainly offline marketing, involving copywriting and producing company stationery. “I’d had barely any exposure to digital marketing.”

Frustrated with her experience, she took a step away from marketing and into the role of an operations administrator instead.

How did Laura get started with Squared Online?

Following some changes at her company, she began to think about her future and decided that she wanted another shot at marketing. “Some marketing roles came up, but I wasn’t confident about my previous marketing experience and was lacking in terminology and digital marketing knowledge, so was not successful.”

She’d heard about Squared Online, and was intrigued by what possibilities the online marketing course could offer. “I filled in a form and spoke to one of the people at Squared. After the chat, I felt very strongly that Squared Online would be a good move for me.”

Did Squared Online meet her expectations?

Laura’s expectations were exceeded. “I knew I had to do something to get out of my comfort zone and that’s what Squared Online did! I learnt some marketing terminology for the first time, learnt to work in a virtual team, and learnt a huge number of digital marketing skills.”

One of the main reasons for Laura doing Squared was the promise of learning Google Analytics and working with data. “I’d always seen Google Analytics as a scary monster so it was great to be walked through it properly to take the fear away!”

What did Laura think of the group work?

“I was worried about the group work at first, and the first group assignment came around very quickly. There was a lot of work to do, but once we got going it was really fun!

It was a real privilege to work with my groupmates, who all had very different marketing jobs. I was the only one not working in marketing, so felt a little intimidated at first, but we all supported each other and I ended up really enjoying the group work.”

What about learning online?

The course being online was a huge advantage for Laura. “With a full-time job, I didn’t want to attend classes in person, so it worked really well for me. The weekly lectures and speakers were excellent, and the assignments were always clear and with helpful instructional videos. There was a great mix of learning – from articles to read and tests to complete, to group work and individual reflection.”

Has Laura found that perfect marketing role she wanted?

The hard work that Laura put in has paid dividends. “Towards the end of Squared Online, I had been applying for marketing jobs and was getting a lot of interviews. I had much more confidence in interviews as I had digital marketing experience and official marketing tuition, so I felt that getting a new marketing job was imminent.”

Laura was so confident that she handed in her notice at her previous job. “Within a few weeks I had a job offer! My current role as a Marketing Executive at Shiply now involves mostly SEO, which I had very little knowledge of before the course.

“It’s a role I’m sure I would not have got had it not been for Squared.”


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