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I got the perfect job for me – Squared Online helped me stand out from a crowd of 300 applicants!

When Carmen saw a job offer on LinkedIn for a Marketing Coordinator role at UCAM Online University, she knew that she had to apply. It was the perfect role for her. Fast forward to the autumn, and after a tough process, Carmen was finally told the great news that she had beaten 300 applicants to get the role!

How did Squared Online play a part in her success?

With over 3 years’ experience in marketing both online and offline, Carmen was no stranger to the sector. She studied advertising and PR, but at the time there was no specific focus on digital. She learned digital skills through her job but wanted a certificate to back it up and to learn even more.

After searching for the most suitable courses online, she finally settled on Squared Online – the digital marketing leadership course developed with Google.

Though initially sceptical of online learning, Carmen was pleasantly surprised. Thanks to the seamless virtual campus, the student Support Team and the live classes, Carmen is ‘no longer afraid to study online.’ And as for the group work element? ‘I worked with great minds and learnt from both them and the experience.’

The course truly met Carmen’s expectations. “I’ve learnt so much about Google Analytics and how to analyse data from a website, business models, programmatic and working in virtual teams. I can differentiate between digital trends and fads, I’ve improved my communication skills and I’m also using new apps such as Trello.”

Carmen believes that being a Squared Online graduate played a part in getting her job, as it’s for an online university with very similar teaching methods. “I’ll be able to apply all that I’ve learnt during the course to this job.”

“Squared Online is a very well-designed programme for digital marketers wanting to step up in their career.”


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