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Squared Online can fit into the busiest of schedules – just ask Tanja

Munich-based Tanja Reineke has a solid background in marketing, with a managerial role at Vodafone and a career spanning 17 years. However, despite this experience, she knew that she was missing some key digital marketing knowledge.

This is where Squared Online, the digital marketing leadership course developed with Google, stepped in.

How did she get started?

When she heard that Vodafone was offering employees the chance to enrol on Squared Online, she didn’t hesitate to sign up.

“I’d never been at the cutting edge of digital marketing,” Tanja said. “I knew that Squared Online would be able to give me a neat, thorough overview of digital marketing, so I signed up.”

What did she want to achieve?

Asides from learning more about digital, another motivation was to stop handing off digital tasks to other teams. “I wanted more independence,” she said.

Tanja identified three goals she wanted to accomplish with Squared Online:

  1. She wanted to gain a broad overview of digital
  2. She wanted to be more comprehensive and communicate better with digital teams
  3. Finally, she wanted to be more independent and do more things by herself without outsourcing

“I wanted to drive projects fit for the future”

What did she think of learning online?

Tanja really enjoyed online learning. “I have a very busy schedule, both at home and at work, and learning online meant that I could fit everything in. If I missed a live class, I could simply catch up the next day – I really liked the flexibility.”

Although online learning is something new for most Squares, Tanja rose to the challenge – and excelled! Not only did she pass the course with a distinction, but she also was voted an “Inspirational Square” by her peers.

The title of “Inspirational Square” is given to people who have made outstanding contributions to their teams and who have stood out throughout the course. Definitely something to be proud of.

So, all in all, did Squared Online meet her expectations?

What was the result of the five month, hands-on programme? Tanja’s goals were accomplished: she got that key overview of digital that she wanted.

“I emphasise what I have learnt in my communications with other teams, and I definitely believe that these communications have improved. I am much more confident when talking about digital marketing topics, and my briefings have become more detailed and to the point.”

She’ll also be carrying what she learnt into the future. “I’ve saved lots of interesting links and articles, and if my role changes in the future, I believe that I am well-equipped for whatever that role brings.”


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