The digital marketing leadership course developed with Google

The Squared Online Certificate in Digital Marketing is a course with a difference. The award-winning marketing programme has been crowdsourced by leading employers to meet the need for high calibre digital talent and leadership.

Who's it for?


Marketing managers & execs

Seeking increased confidence and a more rounded understanding of digital.


Career changers

Seeking an exciting career in a creative and analytical industry.



Looking for a fast track into a competitive and fast changing industry.


Directors & Heads of Talent

Aiming to upgrade digital talent and stay ahead of the curve.



Successful applicants have enquiring minds and are not afraid to challenge the status quo.

Home Learning College Rated

4.7 out of 5 Based on 19 graduate reviews

The learning experience

We learn through experience, through making mistakes, and trying out ideas – not by being told. With the Squared Online digital marketing course you’ll be working with others on real projects to give you experiences you’ll be able to draw on throughout your career.


Group work

Collaboration is the foundation of Squared Online. This is what makes the programme different and creates powerful agents of change within the digital marketing industry.

You’ll be completing projects in groups created by the Squared Online team for three of the programme modules, which are designed to promote peer-to-peer learning, problem-solving and collaboration, along with developing your digital knowledge.


Hands-on projects

Each project will have a different focus, from understanding how to grow a business to serving clients at an agency.

You’ll get experience in group dynamics, organisational change, technology platforms and strategy. You’ll gain a holistic experience in each project, making your skills easier to apply in the real world.


Live online classes

You’ll generally have one hour long live class per week, with occasional interactive workshops of up to 90 minutes. These sessions are delivered by the Squared Online tutors whom are all industry experts and leaders in their field.


Virtual campus

This is the central hub of Squared Online. The Virtual Campus allows for a blend of individual work, team collaboration, discussions, live classes and streamed content, alongside forums moderated by the support team.


Support team

Our friendly, knowledgeable Squared support team will be your first port of call for any questions and queries, whether it’s about the classes, projects, group work or anything more personal you may want to discuss. They will be your guides through each module, drawing on our tutors and subject matter experts throughout to provide the information you need.


Expert speakers

The programme includes highly popular guest speakers at various points throughout the course, in addition to the normal weekly classes. These industry experts will share their knowledge through live and pre-recorded sessions, giving an additional perspective and sharing interesting stories.


Continuous assessment

There are no exams in Squared Online and no final mark. Instead, you’ll be continually assessed via project work, self-reflection, team feedback and completion of online activities and live classes


Online activities

Each module comprises a series of online learning activities and student-led discussions which are designed to develop your knowledge and prepare you for the live classes. After the class you will have another activity which usually relates directly to your project work, often in collaboration with your group.


Accredited CPD provider

If you’re a member of a professional body, you can use the time you spend studying as part of your continued professional development!

Syllabus & modules

Squared Online features five sequential modules taught online over 4 months. Each week you’ll have one evening live class and will need to dedicate 6-8 hours to the programme.

Welcome to Squared Online

You’ll be introduced to your key contacts in the Squared Online team, get an overview of what to expect on the course and gain an insight into the essence of Squared directly from Google.

Think Disruptive

Gain an insight into the rise of digital, and how businesses have harnessed new digital marketing technology to disrupt traditional industries and shake up the way organisations interact with end users.

You’ll learn about the value of using business model frameworks to develop disruptive commercial ideas, before taking a closer look at how companies are using mobile.

A Connected World

This module will introduce you to the world of digital, and develop your understanding of the end user and the impact of rapid technological development on the way organisations interact with their audiences.

You’ll explore a variety of digital tools, technologies and platforms from the consumers' point of view, and consider how brands are changing their approach to stay relevant. You’ll then focus on social as one of the key aspects of digital which underpins changes in society and behaviour, and discuss consumer behaviour and business strategy in this context.

Think Optimised

An overview of data, insights and optimisation. You’ll be introduced to Google Analytics tools and find out how they can be used to direct your digital actions.

You’ll be encouraged to consider how you can optimise and evolve an organisation's digital presence in a constructive and data-driven way.

Think Like a Brand

A look at how marketers organise and understand consumer behaviour in relation to the brand, and how they engage their target audience.

You’ll learn how organisations can use different digital touchpoints – such as search, display and content – across the customer journey to deliver a successful integrated marketing strategy that drives awareness, sales and advocacy.

The Ongoing Revolution

This module is a chance to draw together many of the ideas covered over the previous months before engaging in some future-gazing about where digital is going next. You will learn to analyse and present recommendations for change in a compelling way, and how to consider legal and ethical issues in professional practice via an exercise developed in conjunction with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The final class of this module is designed to give you practical guidance for applying everything you’ve learned over the past few months to your ongoing professional life. We’ll help you to see the big picture and work out where you are now and where you want to go next.

Taught by industry experts

During Squared Online marketing industry experts run live and recorded sessions to share knowledge, inspire, and give you a new perspective on online marketing strategy.


Sir John Hegarty

Founder and Worldwide Creative Director, BBH


Shuvo Saha

Director, Google Digital Academy


Tiffany St James

Co-Founder at Transmute and BIMA Board


Gina Wessels

Marketing & business consultant


Ben Scott-Robinson

Head of Interactive Experience, The Ordinance Survey


Chris Perks

Digital Consultant