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A unique learning experience

A unique learning experience

Hands-on learning

Throughout the course you don't just learn theory - you learn practical skills. Squares learn how to evaluate and execute digital strategies by working through real life examples and group projects. Just like they would on the job.

A revolution in education

Collaboration first

Digital leadership is about being responsive and prepared to navigate the digital landscape. And through collaborative learning, our Squares excel at this.

For each of the five modules, you’ll complete an online group project with your classmates, learning how to think critically on your feet and drive meaningful change in the workplace.

What Squares say

The interaction with other course members is a fantastic way to understand others' approach to digital marketing, to build a network and to improve on team-building experiences. Squared Graduate Marianne Glon-VilleneuveMarianne Glon-VilleneuveSquared Grad
The group projects have given me confidence and real working knowledge. I also enjoyed working with a variety of different people and being exposed to different leadership styles. Squared Graduate Rachel BrowneRachel BrowneSquared Grad
Since graduating I've been able to pitch for business in innovative and inspiring ways due to the projects and assignments I worked on with my team members. It's given me confidence and lots of fresh ideas. Squared Graduate Kirsten RazzaqKirsten RazzaqSquared Grad

Meet your expert speakers

You’ll join live classes with expert speakers, hand-picked for being the best digital marketers in their field. They bring the course topics to life with their own experience working hands on with global brands. And they love answering questions.

Meet your expert speakers

Meet your support team

It’s their job to make sure that you’ve got everything you need to get on with the course. Be it classwork, group work or projects - our support team are there to answer questions whenever you need help.

Meet your support team

The Squared Network

As a lifetime member of the Squared Network, you’ll get to keep up-to-date with the latest in digital, catch-up with fellow Squares around the world and and continue your learning journey.

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