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Syllabus & modules

Squared Online features five sequential modules taught online over 5 months. Each week you’ll have one evening live class and will need to dedicate 6-8 hours to the programme.

Welcome to Squared Online

Squared Online is designed to help you develop the necessary skills to become an agent of change in today’s digital-first world. You’ll learn through hands-on experience working in close collaboration with your fellow ‘Squares’, and receive comprehensive instruction from industry experts working at the forefront of digital strategy and leadership development. By the end of our course, you’ll know how to innovate and stay ahead of the competition, using the strategies we’ll outline for achieving success in the new digital economy.

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Embracing change

In this module, you’ll explore the concept of digital disruption and how this revolution is changing the way that brands and consumers interact, and our approach to marketing. You’ll learn how the traditional models used to explain consumer behaviour have evolved in light of these changes, and look at some of the best examples of how brands have embraced technology to create consistent and authentic experiences for their consumers. Towards the end of the module you’ll explore different business model frameworks and ways of working in a digital age.

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Digital trends

In this module, you’ll look at the digital trends that have redefined consumer behaviour, specifically the rise of social and mobile. You’ll explore how these platforms are being used by marketers across the globe and then deep dive into each to explore how to unlock their full potential.

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Digital channels and strategy

In this module, you’ll learn how brands today are creating multi-channel digital strategies to adapt to changes in consumer behaviour. You’ll start by exploring the importance of content marketing, with a specific focus on video. In addition, you’ll explore how organic and paid search can help you position your brand to reach and appeal to consumers in a multi-screen world. You’ll then look at how display and video marketing can help you ensure that you reach the right consumers, with the right message, at the right time.

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Data, insights and analytics

In this module, you’ll explore the importance of data as a digital marketer and how it can help you optimise your campaigns by generating actionable insights. You’ll look at some of the popular data analysis frameworks marketers use to structure their business objectives and

set flexible operational processes. Based on your previous experience, you’ll then explore the Google Analytics platform, as we outline how it can enable you to track the performance of your marketing campaigns and identify any potential problems in your customer journey. You’ll finish with an overview of engagement, conversion and attribution, crucial technologies that continue to evolve the way we can use data for incredible customisation, before exploring the ethics around data privacy and pitfalls to avoid.

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Staying ahead of the curve

In this module, you’ll look at the concept of programmable advertising and how it extends beyond just buying advertising space on websites. In addition, you’ll indulge in a spot of future gazing, as you take a look at the hottest technology trends taking the digital world by storm. You’ll examine the various implications that these trends will have for consumer behaviour, and outline strategies to help you take advantage of these recent developments and capitalise on what customers will want in the future with some savvy predictions. You’ll then take a look at culture and organisational change - a hurdle in implementing the digital strategies you’ll formulate.

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