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Module 1 - Embracing change

What you'll study

In this module, you’ll explore how the internet has disrupted business as usual for many brands around the world, as we examine how the digital revolution has changed how people make purchases. You’ll learn how the traditional models used to explain consumer behaviour have been updated in light of these changes, and look at some of the best examples of brands that have devised successful digital marketing strategies in an effort to reach this new generation of consumers.

For this module’s leadership stream, you’ll meet your first Squared Online project group, as you work together to decide on how you’ll be sharing responsibility in preparation for your Module 2 project. You’ll also take an in-depth look at how leadership has evolved as a result of this era of disruption, and we’ll share some successful leadership and collaboration techniques with you that should  prove useful as you begin your group work.

Learning  outcomes

By the end of Module 1, you’ll be able to:

  • Analyse current digital innovations to determine their implications for businesses and consumers
  • Assess which aspects of brand building are unique to digital and which are timeless
  • Explore how brands can use digital technologies to build authentic experiences that align to a business’ objectives
  • Generate digital-first ideas and plans that encourage an agile approach to business
  • Identify how to engage with target audiences across the entire funnel in a mobile-first, digital-first landscape
  • Outline a strategy to persuade stakeholders to adopt a digital-, customer and mobile-first mindset

Group Submission

You’ll work in groups to develop a disruptive idea for a fictional product and map this against the customer journey, brand mission and value proposition frameworks explored in the module.

What our students think

The relationship of disruption to change - positive change to stay ahead - to lead is so powerful. Rather than waiting for competitors or the market to change and then react with little time believing that because something has worked it will continue to work is extremely risky. Being disruptive is a positive way to exist - not just a buzzword. In addition, the Customer Journey session and the huge amount of material provided by Aiden - which leads on to even more information online - was great. The multiple moments of truth and how the Zero moment and Ultimate moment have been born out of the digital revolution make sense and are immediately applicable in my daily work. - Tim Maloney