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Module 2 - Digital trends

What you'll study

In this module, you'll analyse the various business planning frameworks and strategies that have helped today’s largest companies build powerhouse brands, and take a look at some of the key sectors that have pioneered disruption. You’ll also look at the role social plays in developing and communicating a strong brand identity through content that appeals to social consumers. Finally, you’ll learn about the growth of mobile around the world, the value of mApps and mobile sites, and the effect that this surge in mobile activity has had on how marketers map out the customer journey.

For this module’s leadership stream, you’ll look at the key components of an agile business operation, examining  how an agile digital marketing strategy can help a business adapt and innovate. You’ll also explore the topic of guiding principles for businesses and brands with your fellow Squares, as you consider which leadership principles might be most effective at improving performance.

Learning  outcomes

By the end of Module 2, you’ll be able to:

  • Examine the global impact of mobile and social innovation within the digital landscape
  • Develop a mobile-first strategy that meets business objectives and drives consumer engagement
  • Incorporate various social channels to engage consumers, achieve business objectives and drive consumer engagement
  • Evaluate your own, and other students’ input against the agreed code of conduct

  • Select appropriate leadership frameworks to boost and benefit business

Group project

You’ll work in groups to create a disruptive business pitch for a new digital product or service.