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Module 3 - Digital channels and strategy


What you'll study

In this module, you’ll explore how savvy collection and interpretation of data can help you optimise your digital marketing strategy. You’ll look at some of the most popular data analysis frameworks that marketers use to structure their business objectives and set flexible operational processes. You’ll then work with the Google Analytics platform, as we outline how it can enable you to track the performance of your marketing campaigns and identify any potential problems in your customer journey. You’ll finish with an overview of attribution modelling: the practice of measuring how people convert on your site, analysing their details/motivations, and reallocating your marketing budget accordingly.

For this module’s leadership stream, you’ll look at the emerging field of People Analytics (i.e. using data in management decisions to increase employee satisfaction and boost productivity). You’ll also discover how you can use your understanding of the various performance measurement tools at your disposal to improve how you work together in your groups.

Learning  outcomes

By the end of Module 3, you’ll be able to:

  • Justify how digital channels can be used to successfully to engage a target audience across the entire customer journey using evidence-based research
  • Create a digital-first campaign that utilises content marketing, display advertising, and search to meet a brand’s business goals
  • Devise a roll-out approach that will drive organisational change, ensure a successful campaign and foster collaboration between brand and marketing specialists

    Group project

    You’ll work in groups to develop a digital marketing proposal for the launch of a new product. The proposal will drive awareness, evaluation and sales, while building brand loyalty and advocacy.

    What our students think

    This was the best module so far. Everything learned in module 3 and also before, now comes together so smoothly and I feel really positive that I finally understood the framework of digital marketing! Splendid, thank you! - Almut Cordt