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Module 4 - Data, insights and analytics

What you'll study

In this module, you'll learn how brands today are creating multi-channel digital marketing strategies to adapt to changes in consumer behaviour.  You’ll start by examining  the role of content in appealing to new consumers and driving engagement across various channels. You’ll also explore how search can help you position  your brand to reach and appeal to consumers in a multi-screen world. You’ll then explore different display formats and advancements in display marketing. Finally, you’ll learn how programmatic marketing can help you ensure that you reach the right consumers, with the right message, at the right time.

For this module’s leadership stream, you’ll focus on how businesses are building and sustaining employee engagement, as you compare the various strategies that today’s digital leaders are using to improve motivation and job satisfaction.

Learning  outcomes

By the end of Module 4, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a marketing measurement plan that translates business objectives into goals, KPIs, segments and targets
  • Generate insights about consumer behaviour from qualitative data in an effective way
  • Recommend how to optimize budget allocation between formats, channels and media based on multiple data sources and attribution models
  • Align your marketing strategy to ensure compliance to data privacy issues
  • Drive organisational change by incorporating a ‘data, mind and heart’ philosophy to a brand’s strategy and decision-making process

Individual Assessment

You’ll complete an individual online assessment. The assessment will consist of a series of multiple choice questions.

    What our students think

    Expert speakers were brilliant & content was all very relevant. -  Emily Taylor

    I found all the lessons on content marketing, search ad programmatic really useful - it was great to update my knowledge and experience in these areas which are at the forefront of the marketing industry at this point in time. - Joanna Edwards