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Module 5 - Staying ahead of the curve

What you study

In this module, you’ll indulge in a spot  of future gazing, as you take a look at the hottest technology trends taking the digital world by storm. You’ll examine the various implications that these trends will have for consumer behaviour, and outline digital marketing strategies to help you take advantage of these recent developments and capitalise on what customers will want in the future with some savvy predictions. You’ll then take a brief look at the various regulatory authorities in operation around the world, to help you avoid any marketing mishaps in the future and appeal to a new generation of principled, conscientious consumers.

For this module’s leadership stream, you’ll look to the future as you explore how the digital revolution will continue to shape the nature of successful leadership in the years to come.

You’ll also discover how you’ll take what you’ve learned  into your future professional life, as you share strategies with your fellow Squares on how you’ll use the leadership capabilities you’ve developed throughout the course going forward.

Learning  outcomes

By the end of Module 5, you’ll be able to:

  • Evaluate the constantly changing nature of digital and its impact on a specific industry
  • Critically analyse current trends and their implications for business and marketing
  • Explain the capabilities of programmatic across the entire customer journey
  • Make well-researched, concise and convincing strategic digital-first recommendations that foster innovation within a specified industry
  • Explain the value of a full stack solution for integrating and automating processes, and for building consumer centric data sources
  • Outline your personal strategy for instigating a digital-first mindset and organisational change in your future professional dealings

Individual assessment and Group project

There are two assessments in Module 5. The first of these is a short individual online assessment specifically on programmatic. The second is a group assignment to create a whitepaper whitepaper that predicts how a major digital trend will influence a specific industry.

What our students think

This was one of my favourite modules (they were all good though), I learnt so much from understanding trends, how to do detailed research, working with such a great team as they were so knowledgeable. I've always wondered what work went into a white paper and its a lot of detail and I am very glad for the experience. - Neil Camenzuli

This was probably my favourite module of the whole course. I found the white paper challenging but the focus on agents of change was inspiring. -  Sue Langford