About Squared Online

About Squared Online

Squared Online is unique. Developed with Google and powered by AVADO. We are endorsed by the IPA and IAB, fully accredited by CPD and trusted by the industry.

Our mission? To empower the next generation of leaders in digital transformation. We give Squares the skills and expertise to reach the top, matched with the critical thinking and leadership capabilities to stay there.

Mark Howe - Managing Director, EMEA Agencies, Google

“Google has had individual certifications and courses in its products before, but Squared represents a significant development beyond that; one that has the potential to transform an entire industry.”

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Closing the skills gap

In 2012, Google responded to a growing skills gap in digital training. Rapid advancements in tech meant that agencies and advertisers were finding it difficult to hire the latest digital talent and keeping their existing employees’ skills up to date.

Google’s response? A 6 week intensive face-to-face course called Squared. Teaching practical skills in digital leadership through collaborative group work, the course was a big success and demand from the industry grew.

In 2013, Google turned to leading online learning provider (that’s us, AVADO) and together, we developed Squared Online. Applying Google’s experienced-based teaching style, we created an online course that could be completed anywhere in the world you have an internet connection.

Squared Online is the go-to source for digital marketers looking to upgrade their leadership skills and keep up with the latest in digital thinking. Our award-winning course has been taken by over 8,500+ Squares from 3,000+ brands and agencies around the world - and we’re growing and evolving every day.