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How Google think about building a programmatic mindset [Video]

Jenni Armstrong

Former Brand and Content Manager, Google

Programmatic is helping brands realise the ultimate promise of advertising in a digital world: to engage and delight their customers with relevant, creative messaging in the moments that matter. And the signs are there. As programmatic continues to break through from display channels to TV, car, out-of-home, radio and appliances, the marketing industry is moving towards a 100% programmatic advertising infrastructure.

Not only is Adam Taylor a programmatic guru at Googler, he’s a Squared grad too! Adam recently joined us to discuss the creative potential of programmatic and share the starting moves to building programmatic capability in your team.

Here are his top tips to get started and take your programmatic thinking to the next level:

  • Immerse yourself in it – there are so many blogs, articles and videos out there that give you the insights to really get to grips with this technology, and what you can do with it. Check out the comments to for a wealth of individual advice, learnings and use cases
  • Analyse your media plan and look for inefficiences – take a really good look at your current activity and ask yourself if you’re really hitting the heights and targets across the board. Where could you optimise? Where could programmatic provide that lift?
  • Challenge your team – encourage everyone to keep going out and bringing back new pieces of information and inspiration around programmatic, data, targeting, publishers with particular inventory. Or if you’re starting programmatic from scratch it’s about challenging themselves to upskill and make a strategic investment, setting aside the time to dig into the platforms, understand the technology and set up the right programmatic approach for your business goals and objectives

Watch Adam’s entire presentation to find out more about a winning programmatic set-up and how the technology can be used to harness automation, efficiency and control to take your media strategy to the next level.

Watch the video now

Adam is a graduate of Squared Online – and a great example of how our alumni are digital champions who drive change and innovation. If you’d like to chat about how Squared Online can work with you to build your digital skills, get in touch:

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