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From the Squared Network: digital round-up

Jenni Armstrong

Former Brand and Content Manager, Google

Here’s some of the most interesting stuff our students have been reading, watching and sharing from across the Squared Network recently.

1. ‘Uber-Rush it’

Uber is expanding again, and this time into delivery. Rica shared this article explaining Uber’s recent business offering:

‘First launched in 2014, the Uber Rush trial let users hail a courier from the company’s app, as you would a regular Uber ride, and track the approaching messenger…’ Read more

2. Getting to know your data

Barbara found an interesting article on using the data at your disposal to grow your band or business:

‘Social media analytics are getting more advanced and giving us more data. Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Google+ Platform Insights, Buffer, Klout, the list goes on! There’s an endless amount of dtaa, but what does it all mean?’ Read more

3. Mobile viewing on the up

‘In the past year YouTube has enjoyed a sudden surge of interest from both advertisers and young consumers, larged fueled by mobile-device use.’

Shared by Christinethis article demonstrates the relevance and usage of the world’s largest video network.

4. Engaging autopilot

The Squared Team’s contribution is this piece on Tesla’s new autopilot feature:

‘The Tesla Autopilot, which was announced in July, allows supported cars to steer themselves on motorways, change lanes when their user indicates, and even find a spot and parallel park by themselves.’ Read more

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