Google Partnership

We’re teaming up with Google’s Academy for Ads to bring tailored, follow-on learning to Squares!

Good news for the 96% of Squares who say they’d like ongoing, bitesize learning to continue their digital journey: we’re joining forces with Google’s on-the-go e-learning platform to bring you a curated graduate curriculum for Squares!

Academy for Ads is a Google training program that you can use to grow your advertising skills. Whether it’s AdWords, DoubleClick or something else ad-related, they’ve got you covered.

The Academy for Ads team has taken the Squared Online course map and pulled together a bespoke series of lessons and learning paths that match up to the topics and concepts you’ve already explored on your Squared journey. If you want to go deeper on what you’ve learned so far, they’re a great place to keep the learning going.

We’ll be releasing your lessons in two groups, one set today and the second next month. To help you jump in at the right level, they’re also split out into Beginner, Intermediate + Advanced level courses.


AdWords Basics | AdWords Search Basics | AdWords Video Basics | AdWords Mobile Basics | AdWords Display Basics | Google Shopping Basics


Video for Brand Basics


Fundamentals for audiences | Customer Match | Display remarketing | Remarketing lists for search ads | Dynamic Search Ads

The beauty of these bite-size courses is that they’re available 24/7 from any device: ready when you have time to learn. At the end of each course, you can take an assessment to earn achievements to show you know your stuff (they’re printable too, so you can hang it by your desk with pride!)

What’s more, the site is open to everyone so you can pass these links onto your team and wider organisation, and champion learning together and at scale.

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