How the flexibility of Squared Online enabled Laura to study and care for her daughter

For Laura Woodroffe, “support” was the most important thing when it came to choose an online learning provider.

‘You don’t always know what’s going on in some people’s lives. Sometimes the support for courses can feel scripted but with Squared Online I was always dealing with someone who knew exactly what they were talking about, and who understood what I needed’ she says. ‘Of all the course advisors I spoke with, ‘the team at Squared Online were most supportive.

They were very reassuring and as flexible as they could be, given I spend a lot of time caring for Martha. They made me feel that they were genuinely going to help me achieve this’.

In 2014, Laura’s life changed forever when her baby girl, Martha, was born with Jacobsen’s Syndrome, something only 200 people in the world are diagnosed with. Before her pregnancy, Laura was a Consultant Content Strategist and Copywriter, something she stopped for a couple of years to care for her daughter.

Getting back into the industry in 2016, Laura started looking for something to rebuild her confidence in general marketing. She was ‘worried about future clients who could be more clued up’. Of Squared Online, Laura says it ‘was broad and deep enough to help me decide if I wanted to go deeper at a later stage. It definitely gave me the overall grounding I was looking for. I now send proposals to clients and asking about their DMMM – when some don’t even have them. It’s a great way for me to open up the conversation!’

Laura currently works as a freelance Editor for the IPA’s Marketing research and content hub, Effworks. The clients she works with tend to be small so they don’t need an expert but they ‘do challenge ideas and always ask for more. Most have editorial content but don’t have anyone to recommend how to use it – to optimize, promote and fit it into a marketing strategy. Before Squared Online, I felt like I was doing it blind’, says Laura.

‘Now, I can be confident and know what I’m talking about. Analytics, programmatic, attribution models etc. It’s very helpful to think about whatever problem a client has in this new light – it sets things up and opens conversations in a much broader context’.

During the group stages, Laura says ‘it become apparent that there were other people on the course who are carers too. In the UK alone, there are millions of unpaid carers, so online learning is essential. AVADO were really encouraging and great at boosting your confidence. Every time, no matter how hard I work, I have this constant other thing I must do. Having the encouragement is so important and is why I had such a brilliant experience with them!’.

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