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How Squared Online helped Rachael start a brand new career in marketing

Rachael was looking for a career change when she stumbled into the world of PR and marketing, and instantly knew that this was what she wanted to do. With no professional experience in the area, she was recommended Squared Online. What Rachael didn’t anticipate was just how big an effect Squared would have on her career.

Rachael left a career of 12 years in finance and project management at a global company. A mentor in the PR field, and alumnus of Squared Online, recommended the course to her and Rachael credits the course as a really valuable aspect of her career change.

First impressions

Rachael was entering the world of digital marketing as a relative outsider, and really wanted a course that would teach her everything she’d need to know to jump start her new career. “I really wanted a rounded introduction to digital marketing, as I had no previous knowledge in the field. Squared was a great foundation to understanding key concepts in the industry.”

Despite being a little bit nervous starting the course, she found it very accessible. She appreciated that the online campus created a really smooth and seamless learning experience.

Rachael had worked in virtual teams in her last job, so online learning felt natural. She really enjoyed working with groups throughout the course and felt that studying with people at different experience levels was really valuable to her learning experience. “Even though everyone had unique backgrounds, we were able to use each person’s individual experiences in our group projects. Everyone was very supportive.”

Rachael’s inspiration

All of the Squared Online modules were enjoyable, but her favourite part of the course was learning about content marketing and the voice of a brand. “That type of marketing really speaks to me as a consumer, so it was cool to see it from the other side. I really liked learning about how a brand uses marketing to tell a story.”

What’s next for Rachael?

Before Squared, she had a job in finance but shortly after graduating she found a new job in digital marketing. Rachael’s position combines her experience from project management and her new-found marketing knowledge (thanks to Squared Online). Rachael says that having her Squared Online qualification on her CV was really helpful when applying for jobs; her current employer recognised the course and knew it was held in a high regard.

And her message to those considering the course?: “Don’t be put off if you don’t have the experience that you think others have. People of all levels are able to get a lot from the course, so if you want to do it, do it!”


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