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Odolena secured her first full-time digital marketing role with the help of Squared Online

Odolena was no stranger to digital marketing when she started Squared Online. Her CV included work with the Google Digital Garage, a role which meant she had travelled all over the UK, helping businesses implement a digital strategy.

Why did Odolena start Squared Online?

Her career had, however, evolved away from marketing. Her role when she began Squared Online was a more sales-oriented role at Hult International Business School.

And yet, Odolena wanted to return to marketing. “I wanted to transition to a full-time digital marketing position,” she said. “I wanted to build on my experience with Google and the Digital Garage, and gain a role which concentrated on PPC as that was something I truly enjoyed working on.”

With a full-time PPC role in her sights, Squared Online, the digital marketing and leadership course developed with Google, was her entry point back into marketing. “I wanted the opportunity to look after PPC for my company, which seemed completely out of reach before taking the course.”

What did she think of the course?

Odolena started Squared Online in June of 2016. “It was great, and I found it really practical for a working professional. You can learn at your own pace.” Odolena also enjoyed the group work element of the course. “I had two fantastic groups, and I learned a lot from them. I also gradually learned how to be more outspoken.”

A standout moment in terms of teamwork for Odolena was during her team’s last module, when her group spent 5 hours on a single Google Hangouts session, discussing their project.

Were Odolena’s expectations met?

“Yes, they were met – Squared Online helped me gain credibility as a digital marketing professional, and helped me achieve my goal of transitioning in my company. My new role only came about as everyone in my company knew I was taking Squared Online. They knew I was setting my sights on the direction in which I wanted to travel.”

And how is Odolena getting on now?

5 months out of graduating from Squared, Odolena is happy with her current job role. “I am managing 10 Google Adwords accounts across search, display, YouTube and Gmail. I am involved in Facebook and LinkedIn paid advertising, as well as working with affiliate websites. This is the job I was determined to get, and I started this job 5 months ago only after successfully completing Squared Online.”


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