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Gordon gets promoted (with a little help from Squared Online)

Jenni Armstrong

Former Brand and Content Manager, Google

Gordon Carslaw may be new to the digital world, but he’s soaring past expectations and clinching key promotions in his career, thanks to Squared Online.

Gordon landed a new job in 2015 as Digital Marketing Executive at Dog, an agency that blends marketing, creative design, and digital technologies, and quickly realised how much there is to learn about digital.

He was recommended Squared Online from a colleague at work and a friend from university, who had both recently graduated.

His initial thoughts?

‘After the recommendations I did some research, and got the feeling straight away that Squared Online wasn’t an ordinary course. I wanted to build more in depth knowledge and get hands on experience that I could transfer to my job at Dog. I knew that Squared Online would be able to give me the insight that I was looking for.’

Gordon knew what he wanted to get out of the course, and was clear about his objectives from the start. ‘Although I achieved a lot of personal growth, my main goal was always to enhance my knowledge so I could increase my clients’ performance, and I definitely succeeded in that.’

The online learning experience was really fun for Gordon, and he appreciated the ability to work with professionals from around the world from all different industries. ‘I loved learning with people from outside of my own country because I was presented with unique approaches and points of view.’ He was also really pleased with how easy it was to apply what he was learning to his job at Dog.

One of Gordon’s favourite aspects of the Squared Online course was the group projects. ‘I was able to learn different talents and techniques by interacting with people in my group and working towards a common goal. For us, communication was key.’

It wasn’t all work though, and one thing that Gordon took to heart was how fun the learning environment was. ‘I think you need to add a social aspect to group work, because that makes it more enjoyable for everyone. Chatting with your group about weekend plans, and getting to know each other a bit better makes it all the more fun and Squared Online was really conducive to that.’

But nothing says ‘that was a really great course’ quite like a promotion. 

‘I was promoted after finishing the course and that definitely would not have happened if I didn’t have the experience from Squared Online. Dog put me through the course and they are really seeing the benefits.’

One of Gordon’s key takeaways from the course was his workplace confidence. ‘Being new at a digital agency was quite challenging and doing Squared Online made me feel comfortable working with more experienced co-workers. I’m definitely bringing what I learned at the course to Dog and showing my colleagues how it can benefit all of us.’

Final thoughts?

‘If you’re looking for a course that’s going to teach you everything there is to know about digital, there is literally no better course.’ His last words of wisdom to us were this: ‘Squared Online helps accelerate your career in digital, increases your network and helps you become an all-rounder in digital, but the best thing is the fun you’ll have along the way.’


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