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From EY to Sky: How Squared Online set Damian apart in his interview

How did Damian get started with Squared?

Damian heard about Squared Online through a friend who had taken the course, but there were other reasons why he decided to start. He really liked the idea of studying online – his own time pressures meant that a classroom-based course simply wouldn’t work for him. He was also attracted to the unique mixture of guest lectures and virtual group work that Squared offers.

He wanted to improve his digital knowledge and also hoped that starting Squared Online would allow him to explore innovative ways to manage digital change, as well as the leadership qualities that are important in a digital world.

How was Squared Online for him?

Enrolling on the January 2017 cohort, Damian got stuck in right at the start of the new year. Although he’d previously studied online as part of his MBA, he found that Squared Online developed a strong learning environment in a whole new way, with excellent features such as virtual teams which, he says, ‘really brought the content to life.’

Damian explored what companies should consider in order to be disruptive in their chosen markets, including ‘how to develop a digital strategy, how to map the customer journey, and how mobile, social and the internet have impacted the customer journey.’

And how are things as a Squared graduate?

Life after the course has changed dramatically for Damian, with a new job secured as Head of Change & Delivery at Sky. Damian attributes part of his success in achieving this new role to the confidence he gained in digital knowledge from his Squared Online training: ‘They said my digital knowledge was a differentiator.’

His new role broadly covers all aspects of the digital operating model from Brand and Strategy, Internet, Mobile, Social, Customer Centricity and Technology. We’re hoping to catch up with Damian in a few months time to see how he’s been able to apply his Squared learnings to this comprehensive role!

Any final words?

‘Definitely,’ was Damian’s response when we asked him if he would recommend Squared Online to friends or colleagues. ‘If you want to talk digital, this is the place to start.’


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