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Both Sophie and her start-up HelloGrads are feeling the benefits of Squared Online

Sophie is co-founder and director of HelloGrads, a website which she created to ease the transition between university and working life. As with all start-ups, there’s a lot to do. “My responsibilities are, sort of, ‘everything’. This includes running the website, creating marketing strategies, running social media and finding contributors.”

Why did Sophie start Squared Online?

Sophie decided to do Squared Online after her friend recommended it, and she hoped that her learnings would push her business to the next level. “I decided to do Squared Online because, whilst I had some experience, I knew I needed to understand all the channels and opportunities available within digital marketing to run my business.”

“It was the perfect time as we were about to launch. I had never dealt with Google Analytics and programmatic advertising before, and I knew I would need both for the site. I expected that by the end I would have at least an understanding of every digital marketing opportunity, but I learned a great deal more than that!”

Were Sophie’s expectations met?

Her expectations were met and exceeded. “Squared Online was a lot more work than I had anticipated, however, that was only because of how interested and keen I became. It’s one of those situations where you only get out what you put in and, I have to say, I threw myself into it!

The course gave me more confidence in myself, my knowledge base and marketing. It’s made me slow down and think about digital marketing in a different way, for example, by choosing the methods that are the most relevant or most suited to a business like ours, rather than doing everything.

This has meant we are actually avoiding making mistakes or spending loads of money unnecessarily – something that, as a start-up, you think about rather a lot!”

How did she find Squared Online’s style of learning?

“I found online working very convenient. I like it because you can fit it into your day as and when you please, so if you focus really well at certain times of day, you can work then.”

Sophie also enjoyed working in groups and having the chance to check in with others. “It’s great to be able to mix with people from all parts of the world. Discussing certain elements of projects changes your perspective on the task.”

Would Sophie recommend the course to other businesses?

“Absolutely. There is a huge amount to learn in a fast-paced world and Squared Online was a great overview of the most important things in digital marketing. Any business should have knowledge of digital, even if they’re not online.

I also think the range of speakers and subjects Squared Online has is a huge plus and a rare commodity to get them all in one place. Squared Online is a fantastic platform for learning, resources, people and inspiration.”


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