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‘My eyes were opened to the opportunities within the digital revolution.’

Jenni Armstrong

Former Brand and Content Manager, Google

Having garnered 15 years of digital marketing experience, including posts at Saatchi & Saatchi and FCB Global, it might have been safe to assume that Alice McEvoy was beyond the need for an intensive digital marketing course.

‘Many people reach a certain point in their career and won’t admit the need for improvement,’ she explains. ‘I was anxious not to fall into the trap of believing you’re too important or experienced to learn anything new!’

Recognising the value of continuous personal development, and about to take up her maternity leave, Alice started exploring the idea of further training that would keep herself immersed in digital.

‘A friend of mine took the course after successfully selling her digital media business and recommended it. She was a mum of three young kids and I knew if she’d gained a lot from it, I would too.’

Alice’s career had seen her hold roles in advertising, brand building and in account management in a number of creative communications agencies, and at the time of her maternity leave, she was looking to develop a panoramic understanding of the digital ecosystem.

‘I truly began to appreciate the craft. I saw how you tell the story, not just the channels used to distribute the message. We had the opportunity to take control of the whole process, from beginning to end.’

And whilst she might have had clear objectives upon joining the Squared ranks, her journey took her much further than she was initially anticipating.

‘My eyes were opened to opportunities within the digital revolution – a message I strongly believe goes beyond the realm of digital marketing.’

Similarly, while the the virtual group work elements simulated many of the challenges and opportunities familiar to the work environment, they also provided the chance to tred next ground and step outside of her comfort zone: ‘Group dynamics taught me so much about the workplace – but collaborating on these team projects also gave you the space to experiment, manoeuvre outside of day-to-day roles and make mistakes.’

Her learnings have also impacted her leadership style.

‘You learn things you can implement everyday.There’s more collective responsibility now; I’m actively encouraging people to voice opinions more.’

As a student juggling maternity leave and more recently a return to work at a thriving agency, flexibility was key for Alice.

‘I loved that you could choose to do bitesize chunks on a daily basis – vital when you are working 4 days a week in a senior role and you have a 9 month old! You need to be efficient.’

While many women feel anxious about the impact having a family will have on their career, Alice is living proof that maternity leave can actually provide an opportunity to enhance it.

‘Squared gave me confidence, and reinforced why I’m making some changes.’

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