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‘It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done – better than uni, really.’

Jenni Armstrong

Former Brand and Content Manager, Google

Kirsten had been established a successful career as a graphic design. She’d been working for an agency for a number of years, working her way up to Head of Design, but was struggling to sketch out her next step.

‘I was looking to do something different and challenging. I didn’t know where I wanted to go exactly, I just knew I need something to get me into action.’

What she knew for sure was that she wanted to be working more in digital, and was Googling ‘digital marketing’ when she came across Squared Online.

Kirsten took to being a Square immediately: ‘I was suddenly meeting so many new people, and seeing that I could talk to so many different types of people. The last time I’d been in that situation was nearly ten years ago, back at uni.’

And that people-focus continued into the group projects, where she shadowed her teammates across their different assigned roles to learn as much from them as she could. ‘I didn’t go into the course specifically intending to be that proactive,’ she says, ‘it just happily turned out that way because everyone was so helpful.’

The course started to make an impact almost straight away in her activities at work.

‘We were starting to pitch for new web design projects and were able to do so in innovative and
inspiring ways due to the projects I worked on with my Squared team members. I’d also had an
awareness of how things like SEO worked before the course, but I now had that confidence in my
knowledge to really back up what I was saying.’

By the time the course came to an end and she graduated, though, she felt it was time to make a big

‘After all that momentum, I felt like I had to find a way to continue moving forwards. So I handed in my
notice with no immediate job to go to. The course had given me confidence that I could adapt to a new
situation and just figure it out.’

She applied for a Project Manager role at transcreation agency eg+ worldwide, and got the

Looking back, how does she feel about her experience?

‘‘The insights I gained have made me feel so comfortable and I am so confident in what I have learned – and in identifying and addressing the gaps in knowledge as they arise. I know how to adapt myself to different people and different situations – and how to get the best out of people.

I’m actually hesitant now to do other courses because I’m worried that they won’t be as good!’

She pauses.

‘Maybe I’ll just do it all again one day…’

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