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Squared Online taught Chris as much about himself as it did digital marketing

Last year, Chris James realised that he needed a career change – his current job simply wasn’t for him. And so, he decided to take a bold leap into the unknown and hand in his resignation. That same day, he enrolled on Squared Online.

How did Chris find Squared Online?

Marketing was a completely new field for Chris. “In fact, I thought marketing was ‘just advertising’ before I looked into Squared!” He did, however, expect a dynamic and forward-looking course which would introduce him to the concepts and frameworks of digital marketing. That was why he chose Squared Online over other marketing courses – it sounded like the most engaging and exciting.

“What I discovered, by embarking on Squared Online, was a course that encouraged me to be disruptive, no matter my role”, he said. “It gave me the confidence and enthusiasm to get involved and voice my opinions, no matter what. The course went above and beyond, and far exceeded my expectations.”

How was the focus on online learning and virtual collaboration?

Online learning can be daunting for new students, but Squared Online makes the process engaging and interesting. “The online campus is really clever, and it doesn’t feel like a long distance learning course. There’s a genuine community of students and staff that you get to interact with. As a result, I’ve made some lasting friendships and built a great network to kickstart my career change!”

“The group work element brought out a side of me that I didn’t know was there. Despite having less experience than many members of my groups, I discovered that I had a natural acumen for leadership. I found I could naturally help those around me get the best out of themselves. I also learned the important lesson that sometimes the strongest member of the team isn’t the leader, or the most knowledgeable, but the one that brings all the other elements together and makes the team stronger.”

What’s next for Chris?

Chris has succeeded in getting a new job – his first in marketing – as a content creator and copywriter. “I landed the role during the course, and I have been constantly challenging and pushing the limits of the role as I learn.”

“In a recent appraisal, it was discussed that I should take on a lot more data-driven tasks and a more holistic role looking at strategy and implementation across a variety of digital channels following my time on Squared. My managers have been impressed by the work I’ve been producing and have given me an opportunity to find my own niche in the department.”

Any final words about Squared?

“Squared Online is a dynamic and fast-paced course, which teaches you as much about yourself as it does about digital marketing.”


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