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Squared Online Reviews | Sam’s promotion after the course!

Squared Online grad, Sam Philips, tells us about her recent promotion and move to Singapore. Now working as VP Client Services for Leverate Media Asia, with a vast global network to tap into, the sky’s the limit!

Why did you decide to take the course with us?

I had been working in offline media for ten years, mainly focusing on TV, OOH, radio and on the odd occasion print. I’ve worked closely with the digital teams throughout my career to promote channel integration on campaigns but hadn’t personally strategized, planned or executed a digital campaign (outside of VOD) in years and was becoming rusty on the continued developments and changes across the digital landscape.

I saw the Squared Online course as a fast route to brushing up on these skills and getting some much-needed hands-on experience across digital channels. My MD was extremely supportive in me taking the course and as the course can be carried out outside of work, it wouldn’t impact my day-to-day schedule.

What key takeaways have you used since the course?

The course provided me with the solid foundations of digital marketing, equipping me with various applicable frameworks and business models, a fresh view of initiating and driving disruption, and more confidence in my digital capabilities and leadership skills. Whilst my previous roles have all been globally facing, allowing me to work remotely with various teams in different countries, it was really interesting to collaborate with people on projects from so many different sectors, sharing experiences and offering suggestions and guidance to each other, to help improve success.

What happened work-wise since Squared Online?

Since graduating from Squared I’ve moved into a more rounded role as VP Client services at Leverate Media Asia, in Singapore. A lot of the work I do here is to support new and existing clients with their digital strategy across APAC and I’m now instrumental in the strategy and planning process of digital channels. Squared Online has also opened up a solid network of like-minded people who I’ve connected with on LinkedIn and am planning on meeting up within the coming months. Without Squared Online I doubt I would have been offered this role or had the confidence to move to Asia and take on the challenge – five months in and it’s been amazing!

Would you recommend the course? If so, who would you recommend it was for?

I’d recommend the course (and have done already) to anyone who is keen to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving digital landscape. For any marketer or SME / startup, who is looking to add to their experience and knowledge, so that they have the confidence to drive innovation and change within their company’s marketing strategy.

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