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How Emma dropped the ‘junior’ in 6 months…

Jenni Armstrong

Former Brand and Content Manager, Google

Emma Bennett was new to digital marketing when she started her job at High Speed Training.  She was hired as a Junior Digital Marketing Executive, and her employer put her through the Squared Online course right away. “I spent one day a week at work doing the course. I felt like it was a great way of helping me to navigate my first 6 months on the job.”

She did the course from May-September, and dropped the “junior” in her job title almost immediately. This was around the same time that she took control of paid social, and started to manage her own time and projects. By August 2016, Emma was promoted to Marketing Manager.

“Although I didn’t really have any experience in digital marketing before I did Squared Online, as soon as I started the course it just clicked that this is what I should be doing.”

Love at first sight?

Emma enjoyed many aspects of the course but she particularly liked the module focused on the customer journey. “I really enjoyed the customer journey content and it was particularly interesting to get a modern perspective on marketing funnels. The module demonstrated that traditional models can be outdated and helped me apply newer ideas to my business.” Emma also immediately started using what she learned about social in her job. “I would take something that I learned in Squared and try it on our social at work the next day. After the course, I took over our social and figured out our brand voice, and Squared definitely helped with this.”

Real life lessons

Working in a virtual group was unfamiliar for Emma, but she was definitely up for the challenge. “I had never worked in a virtual group before but I really learned a lot from it. There were people in my group from all different experience levels and I was able to learn from all of them. I also learned a lot about working with different people, which can be challenging but is a part of any job. Getting a group project done in Squared often mirrored the realities of working with other people in the workplace.”

Part of that group project involved giving feedback, something that Emma really enjoyed. “It was really valuable to learn how to give and receive constructive feedback, and now that I manage a team of junior marketers, I use this skill every day.”

Final thoughts?

“It’s not just that Squared helped to get me the promotion, the course also helped to make me into a manager that puts learning at the forefront of my team’s development.”


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