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‘The best digital marketing course I’ve done’

Jenni Armstrong

Former Brand and Content Manager, Google

Senior Marketing Executive Jessica Moore actually found Squared Online while she was searching for something else.

‘I was researching digital agencies for work and noticed someone from the company I was looking at had done a course called Squared Online. I checked it out, and my company sponsored my place on the October cohort.’

Jessica works for MotoNovo Finance – a Cardiff-based company who provide Point of Sale vehicle finance on car, van and bikes through motor dealers across the UK and Northern Ireland – and within a few months of starting on the course she was already bringing her learning back and affecting positive change throughout the company.

‘I helped put together a digital module for our Account Managers to help automotive dealers embrace the digital revolution and educate them about how consumer behaviour and the way people buy now has changed. It’s all about putting them in the new customer mindset. They already know how their own habits have changed, but they’re then learning to frame that behaviour in terms of concepts like the Zero Moment Of Truth.’

She also put together a digital health check for the website to help introduce dealers to the concept of analytics, carry out their own digital audits, drive insights and optimise accordingly.

‘They’re seeing how relatively simple changes like clear calls to action have a huge impact on lead gen and sales.’

Jessica graduated from university with a traditional marketing degree and was already on a digital path with a few CIM qualifications under her belt, but the practical group work elements of Squared Online were something she hadn’t experienced before.

‘I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but working in teams on the virtual projects meant I was able to learn from others and cherry-pick new ways of thinking and things to try from different sectors. The group work also taught me to assign tasks to people’s strengths – as a result we now outsource our SEO to an external agency and I set and manage the targets.’

Jessica is also currently leading a major website overhaul project, based on the customer journey and the skills she developed on the course.

‘It was something I’d been wanting to do for a long time, but the project really gathered speed during the course because I was able to apply what I’d learned.’

With Jessica driving the change, digital is a key focus for MotoNovo who recently sponsored the sold-out Auto Retail Network Technology Conference about future trends in the industry.

‘My job role at MotoNovo has evolved since graduating from Squared Online, and I’ve also been promoted. It’s the best digital marketing course I’ve ever done.’

Jessica Moore is on LinkedIn.

Find out more about how Squared Online can work with your team to upgrade your digital capabilities:  download the brochure to read about the course and the Squared experience.

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