What makes a Square?

Just last week we said hello to our latest bunch of ‘Squares’ as they began their five-month journey with us. Now that we’re three cohorts in, we’re taking a look back to see what we’ve learnt about our students here in APAC. What does a Square really look like?

Senior-level executives, experienced project managers and bright graduates are all on their Squared journey together. There’s no set type, and no model pupil either. The bigger picture is all in the detail. By taking a closer look at some recent stats, we can explore who’s come together to share the experience and push themselves to the next level in digital marketing leadership.65% chose Squared Online to get greater exposure to the whole digital landscape…

One thing our students all have in common is an enquiring mind and a passion for ‘more’ in digital. And rather than just a channel-specific view, the majority of them also share this common goal – to get greater exposure to the whole digital landscape.

On a similar note, experienced professionals currently make up almost half of our student base (46%). Although they have many years of experience, or perhaps are experts in a specific area, they recognised a gap in their digital knowledge and skills. They wanted a course that not just plugged the gaps, but that would help take them even further in their careers and develop as a leader.

And they’re not always from a marketing background, either. Take Pip for example. She’s the HR Director for GroupM and currently in the midst of Module 4. ‘It’s been great so far’ she says,  ‘I can’t wait to see what’s in store.’

…around 26% of students have less than two years of digital experience…

As digital natives, graduates know first-hand how marketers use digital to connect with them as consumers – and are excited by opportunities it offers.

‘The course is really intense and covers so much! It’s really been such a good investment for me, both financially and in terms of my time’ a recent grad, and current Squared Online student, told us. It’s also helping with her search for a new role in the industry.

For those a little further along in their careers, Squared Online helps the 28% of our students with over three years of digital marketing experience build on their existing knowledge and experience. It gives rising stars best practice knowledge and insights that they can take away and start implementing in their roles immediately.

…and 13% have been working in the industry for over 5 years…

Babar Khan Javed, Co-Director of Start-up Grind in Pakistan, and most recently also Head of Content at Consider Digital, describes the impact Squared Online has on digital leaders:

‘Squared Online gives you access to frameworks and knowledge from Asia Pacific’s leading industry experts’ he says. ‘My experience so far has been immensely rewarding, especially when it comes to networking during and between group projects.’

…95% of graduates are more confident in digital strategy

It’s this dynamic mix of backgrounds, industries and people that makes the learning experience (and their interactions with each other) so unique. If this sounds like you, maybe it’s time to become Squared? Download our course information today or give us a call on +65 6708 7417.

Wherever you come from, and whatever your goal, Babar’s got the advice to set you on your way.

‘Start with an open mind, engage in the classes, take an interest in the material and think deeply about the questions being asked’ he says, ‘and you’ll graduate with insight on how your business can embrace digital transformation and market to an evolved audience.’

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