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What is brand strategy?

Brand strategy refers to all the decisions and processes you put in place to grow and evolve your business identity. Involving everything from brand naming, to tone of voice, to deciding on which new sales channels to introduce.

Brand strategy is a marketing process in it’s own right, but there is a lot of crossover with digital strategy. On our online digital marketing course, you’ll explore how to align your brand values with your online presence. Seeing exactly how brand identity impacts the tone of voice you use on blog posts, the imagery you select and even which platforms you use to share your content.

Why join a digital marketing course for brand strategy?

Customers are the most important aspect of any business. Everything else comes second. Module 2 of our online branding course gives you skills for attracting and creating customers. Taking a wide look through the digital lens, Squared Online addresses how branding impacts the entire marketing funnel.

Brand strategy influences almost every business decision you make, from non-digital considerations like whether your staff wear uniforms, to digital decisions such as how you engage with customers online.

For those interested in leadership and planning, it’s crucial to understand not just how a business operates but why. Our digital marketing course for brand marketing teaches these skills, helping you to set goals and reach them.

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More about brand strategy

Brand development strategies

Business development strategies don’t need to be complicated. In essence, you’re learning how to position your marketing and branding towards success, then putting that into words.


Brand strategy starts with knowing your brand’s purpose, audience and position in the marketplace. Whether you’re a start-up deciding where you’ll fit in and how to attract customers, or an established brand looking to stay relevant, brand strategy is never a one-off process. You’ll need to adapt and refine your digital branding strategy as you grow.