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What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is about improving a business’s skills, strategies and models in line with digital technology. It describes the evolution of an enterprise from planning and investing in new technologies, training staff and implementing new processes. Driven by the goals of the business, digital transformation involves the whole company, working together to maximise profits by working with new digital applications.

Why is it important?

In the fast-moving business and digital landscape, it’s crucial to ensure your company finds new ways to reach its goals. A big part of this is digital transformation – allowing you to reduce costs, reach more markets, and improve the customer experience by improving the way that your business harnesses digital.

Developing leadership skills with Squared Online

Squared Online is a unique course with a major focus on leadership within the workplace. It empowers your employees to stay ahead in the digital landscape and work successfully together across functions and regions. By studying this course, your employees will not only learn key skills for digital marketing, but how to lead on driving change. Using digital marketing and digital-first behaviours, they'll leave the course fully capable of creating a high-level strategic plan for transforming marketing practices. For bright grads, execs and managers, Squared Online will help your team expand away from channel specialities and take on more responsibility in their roles.

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Digital transformation and your business

What does digital transformation mean for you and your team?

Digital transformation empowers employees with a range of digital skills to harness the power of today’s digital technology - it relies on changing your approach to: processes, activities, models, competencies, strategies.