Success stories from our graduates

Success stories from our graduates

Meet our Squares and hear their stories

With an alumni of 8,500 from all over the world, we love celebrating their success. Our grads are a talented network of digital marketing leaders who've gone on to make a real impact on their career since graduating, read on to find out more.

What our Squares say

"Squared Online was truly inspiring. Every module had something that could be applied to my day to day work. I found topics such as Search, Display, Programmatic and Data Analytics hugely beneficial to me" Cindy ChenSenior Experience Designer
"My job role at MotoNovo has evolved since graduating from Squared Online because I was able to apply what I’d learned, I’ve also been promoted. It’s the best digital marketing course I’ve ever done." Squared grad Jessica MooreJessica MooreSenior Marketing Executive
"I'm a massive advocate of the course, especially for established marketers to challenge what they think and not just rely on bringing in a young graduate to do the online 'stuff'." Squared grad Vivienne RobinsonVivienne RobinsonDigital Marketing Consultant

"I liked the readings and case studies provided because they have inspired me to be more innovative, to challenge the status quo and to see the beauty of digital beyond what I know" Squared Online graduate Sol RomeroSol RomeroAssociated Integrated Media Director
"The course has changed my life, it’s given me professional and personal confidence. My advice to anyone considering the course, if you're interested in marketing and how to communicate online, just do it." Squared grad Angela EspinosaAngela EspinosaSEO Assistant
“Squared Online’s practical and well-structured content not only got me up to speed quickly, it also enabled me to give the best possible results in my work, bringing new thoughts and ideas to the table.” Squared Online Graduate Aisha LiuAisha LiuMarketing Communications Manager