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What is change management?

Change management is the process of implementing change within a business of any size. It’s an umbrella term for all the ways that we can develop and support employees, departments, and organisations. It’s about helping these units work together to drive real future change for the organisation.

Since technology evolves continuously, it’s crucial that businesses keep up. Change management helps businesses to quickly adopt the latest innovations and improve the way they work.

Our course is designed to help your employees prepare, develop and support their way through change. We have 5 different modules - each developing the different leadership skills that support change.

How change management works

We help employees to accept and support change, then put that change into practice. Change Management is a mindset. It’s about businesses adopting a positive attitude to change to gain the support of their employees. Across the board, everyone in the organisation needs to recognise the need to change, understand and agree with the changes suggested, and then put that change into practice.

Learn more about change management and your business

Change management models

Our goal? To help your business improve work efficiency, improving the customer experience and ultimately increase ROI. To do this, developing leadership skills is a key part of the course content and this includes understanding change management.


Some modules will show you how to use small-steps to achieve company-wide transformation from the ground up. Others get all employees to tackle the change together, at the same time. Choose whether change is employee-focused and employee-led. What’s most important, is understanding how it will affect your business.


With Squared Online you’ll learn to adopt a digital-first approach to organisational characteristics and leadership behaviour. Equipping you with skills for identifying and suggesting your businesses response to digital innovation. The outcome? Your business is a forward-thinking success, thriving in the digital economy.