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‘My confidence when it comes to digital has increased dramatically. I feel fully armed with knowledge.’

Jenni Armstrong

Former Brand and Content Manager, Google

Joseph Aquilina is a man on a mission.

He began his Squared Online journey in January 2016 whilst working within the Global Partnerships team at Red Bull. Looking to advance his career and gain fresh insight into digital, Joseph turned to the internet for a solution.

‘I looked into a number of qualifications before going with Squared Online,’ he tells us, ‘but nothing came close to rivalling it. The course is held in such high regard by the industry, and its flexible work hours were very appealing. The leadership element also really interested me, as I wanted to better understand the behaviour and motivations that are required to become a more effective leader.’

What was he most looking forward to?

‘Networking, for sure,’ he says. ‘Meeting people outside of your workplace and being able to forge new connections with them is always beneficial. Also broadening my understanding of the industry: I’d touched on digital marketing during internships and my time at university, but gaining a comprehensive overview of the subject was exactly what I was after.’

Studying online was new to Joseph, but he found the set-up (‘the Virtual Campus was great – its usability is second to none, really’) and the community (‘everyone on the course was so committed to the programme’) made for a great first-time experience.

He also took like a natural to the Squared Online mindset, which is all about stepping out of your comfort zone, taking risks and doing things differently. Joseph took this ethos to heart, and his newfound approach to work proved to be one of his key takeaways from his time on the course.

‘I often find myself gravitating towards leadership roles,’ he explains, ‘and while I took on this position during my first group project, in the final two I decided to take on new responsibilities in the hope of broadening my horizons. It couldn’t have paid off more. The course has opened me up so many new avenues, led me to new ideas and encouraged my curiosity. I’m always asking questions now and I’m involved in so many more aspects of the business as a result.’

It’s now been a month since Joseph graduated from Squared Online, and his hard work juggling day to day work and the course is already paying off.

‘My confidence regarding digital topics has improved dramatically,’ he tells us. ‘I feel fully armed with knowledge. I’ve successfully secured and managed a number of EU and global partnerships which were all negotiated using the knowledge I gained throughout Squared Online.’

Whilst his time on the course has come to a close, Joseph has already jumped right into our alumni association. He attended the latest Squared Presents – an exclusive alumni event – in London, where Niamh Mahon delivered a talk on winning the moments that matter with programmatic to our grads.

‘It provided such a great opportunity to meet key people from a variety of industries,’ he says, ‘I really feel like I’m a part of something.’

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Find out more about Squared Online: you can give us a ring on +44 (0) 20 7173 5938, or download the brochure to read about the course and the Squared experience.

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