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Student stories: Viv’s journey from traditional marketer to digital consultant

Jenni Armstrong

Former Brand and Content Manager, Google

Viv joined Squared Online in November.

By mid December she had handed in her notice at her job and by the end of February had set up her own business as a Brand and Marketing Consultant.

‘When I look back over the last six months’, Viv tells us, ‘and think of where I was then and where I am now, I can’t quite believe it.’

Viv’s Squared journey began last year after speaking to a recruitment agent following seven years as a Senior Brand Manager for a major heritage pottery and homeware company in the UK.

‘I was seeking a change, and although I’d been working in marketing for a long time the recruiter told me that without online experience my options would be limited. He referred to me as ‘a traditional marketer’, and I remember thinking ‘when did become traditional?”

What attracted Viv to Squared Online was the prospect of getting a strategic overview of the digital landscape – ‘having that complete picture of the digital revolution and being able to put the jigsaw pieces of what you know together has blown my mind’ – and was only a few months in when she got a text from a friend about a possible opportunity with a company called MamaBabyBliss.

‘I’d taken part in their Baby Yoga classes and become friendly with the instructor, so had done a little work for them in the past, helping with bookings and the local marketing’, she explains. ‘I was passionate about the brand and the product, and here was this amazing chance to drive forward their business.’

‘So I took a leap of faith.’

She launched Aloha Marketing Solutions and took on the role of Brand and Marketing Consultant for MamaBabyBliss, all while working towards her Squared Online certification.

And that overlap has been remarkably serendipitous: ‘every time I’ve needed to do something new for my client, the next module has helped. For example, when we needed to recruit new Associate Teachers I suggested we make a video – and since Squared Online the Content Marketing Matrix is my favourite marketing tool to map everything we do.’

Viv’s time on Squared has taken her from a role in a 200 year old traditional manufacturing company, to setting up her own business and being part of the current boom in holistic health and wellness enterprise. ‘And my work no longer feels like work’, she says.

Viv recommends anyone considering making a change or further training to go for it:

‘When you’re in a longterm job you can start to doubt your own skills, and it’s difficult to make that next step,’ she says. ‘I’m a massive advocate of Squared Online, especially for established marketers to challenge what they think and not just rely on bringing in a young graduate to do the online ‘stuff’.’

If you’re considering a career move or like Viv are looking to develop from traditional to digital marketer, get course information to find out more about what Squared Online could change for you.

Vivienne Robinson is on LinkedIn.

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