The digital revolution is fast-moving, and you’re responsible for your own learning. We give you a framework but Squared Online is all about finding the answers for yourself and active, ongoing participation. You will be continually placed in situations where you are required to research, collaborate, debate and share information. We believe that this is a robust approach that ensures you’ll be well prepared to adapt to the constant change you’ll be challenged with. So if you want to just sit in lectures, take notes and work through a reading list, this course probably isn’t quite right for you.

Specifically, the course is split into modules which in turn are broken down into weeks. Each week comprises a set of required online activities and an online live class covering a particular topic. These classes are interactive and discursive sessions in which students are encouraged to share their views and questions based on the activities associated with that week.

Running alongside this weekly activity are projects that have to be completed during each module. Four out of five Squared Online projects are completed within groups and require the submission of a collective piece of work.

Personal and group reflections are also required elements of each module and form an essential aspect of the assessment criteria.