Module 2


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What you'll learn

Your customers play a critical role and their needs will guide your overall marketing transformation. In Module 2, you’ll examine the non-linear customer journey in the digital age and the frameworks to map customer experience with your brand. Your understanding of customer needs throughout the journey will help you to effectively build your brand mission and devise relevant social and content strategies for your customers.

Digital marketing topics covered in Module 2:

  • Customer journey
  • Brand mission
  • Social
  • Content

By the end of this module you'll be able to:

  • Apply customer journey frameworks to map your customer needs and the moments that matter to them
  • Suggest ways to align your brand values with customer needs and across your marketing practices to create a seamless customer experience
  • Propose social engagement strategies that address the interests of your targeted segments and brand values
  • Create a cohesive content plan to reach your audience with the right messages at specific moments in their journey

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Leadership challenge - applying collaborative leadership and customer-centricity

In this module, you’ll examine various case studies that show a lack of consistency in brand messaging because of fragmented marketing functions within the organisation. You’ll learn how these companies break down marketing silos and work collaboratively to address customer needs throughout the customer journey.

Assessment: Group Project

For the group project, you’ll imagine you’re working at a leading company and build a strategy to revamp an existing brand. To do this, you’ll apply what you’ve learned about a customer journey framework, brand mission, social and content strategies.

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Module summary

When you understand how customers interact with your brand you’ll be set to really maximise their experience. From content marketing to social media, and brand strategy to customer journey, this module teaches you to get a hold on all digital marketing processes that revolve around your users.