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What is content marketing?

Content marketing involves creating, publishing and distributing content and media for online readers. It includes the promotion of video, imagery, infographics and more. The focus of content marketing is on inspiring engagement. You want to go deeper than promoting your brand, aiming to create a genuine relationship with your brand’s products and services.

Brand strategy is a marketing process in it’s own right, but there is a lot of crossover with digital strategy. On our online digital marketing course, you’ll explore how to align your brand values with your online presence. Seeing exactly how brand identity impacts the tone of voice you use on blog posts, the imagery you select and even which platforms you use to share your content.

Why join a digital marketing course for content marketing?

1. Career progression - From an entry-level job, promotion is common – over half of digital marketing professionals see their career progressing in-house, while nearly a third received promotion in the previous year.

2. A varied career - Aside from the number of promotion opportunities, the day-to-day role of a content marketer varies wildly. One day you may be writing a blog post for a client, the next working on taglines and headers for a site, before ending the week running an idea session for a new client.

3. Avoid job loss due to automation - Creative industries are the least likely to be affected by automation as they require more than just number-crunching.

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More about content marketing

Content marketing strategy

Like any business strategy, content marketing strategies are designed and implemented to achieve specific goals. This could include increasing profit, building audiences, or establishing authority in the industry. Whilst your digital content strategy needs to drive engagement, the real aim lies in the goals and motivations behind it.