Module 3

Digital channels and technologies

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What you'll learn

In the digital age, your customers expect real-time interactions with your brand in the moments that matter to them. In Module 3, you’ll learn how to reach your customers with content using multiple channels. And timing is key! You’ll learn how to ensure that your messages reach them at the right time. This module goes deeper into industry best practice on mobile design and search and display. You’ll conclude by learning more about programmatic technology, and how it creates a seamless and integrated customer journey.

Digital marketing topics covered in Module 3:

  • Mobile technology
  • Search
  • Display and video
  • Programmatic technology

By the end of this module you'll be able to:

  • Utilise mobile technology to engage with your customers across their journey
  • Plan an effective search campaign that assists your customers in their decision making process across the customer journeys
  • Develop relevant display and video strategies to engage with your customers across their journeys
  • Devise a programmatic approach that integrates different channels to optimise your marketing strategies 

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Leadership challenge - unifying technology choices

In this module, you’ll look at case studies of companies that have successfully implemented unified technology solutions to deliver messages at the right time across the customer journey. You’ll examine the specifics of what these companies did to adopt the right technology and ways of working to come up with such solutions.

Assessment: Group Project

Using the brand that you revamped in Module 2, you’ll create an integrated marketing campaign plan using search, display and video strategies as well as programmatic technology. You’ll also propose strategies to enable people in different functions within the company to make unified technology solutions to deliver the campaign.

More on digital channels and technologies

When you think of digital marketing, customer-centric technology is most likely what you think of. By exploring search, mobile, display, and programmatic technology, you get a wide-ranging exploration of what makes up the bulk of digital. It’s likely you’ll already have experience or knowledge in some, if not all, of these areas. However, with Squared Online you’ll learn how to align these into one seamless experience. You’ll be taught by industry experts and deep-dive into the important aspects of each topic.

Mobile Technology

Optimising your digital marketing strategy for mobile has been important for a long time now. But ever since the mobile-first-index update by Google, it’s become critical. Google now chooses to use the mobile version of the web for their rankings. With this module, you’ll learn how to maximise your mobile technology potential and take advantage of the fact most searches are coming via that medium. By studying this module, you’ll learn how to engage, assist and convert customers through mobile technology and strategies.