Squared Online Reviews

Squared Online Reviews | Daniel shares his experience of online learning

‘Well, the past year has involved quite a bit of change!’ – Daniel Zuidema, Director at Waeg, tells us about his career progression since completing Squared Online.

Daniel started working with Waeg, a platinum Salesforce partner, a few weeks after graduating in September 2017. ‘Waeg’s Managing Partner, Chris Timmerman, reached out to me, asking if I was interested helping him setting up the business in The Netherlands. Yes, I was!’, he says.

Daniel explained he had been looking for a new job before the course, and until he started Squared Online, he hadn’t considered ‘digital’ roles. However, through Squared Online, Daniel now feels confident in supporting clients from the define and design phase, right through to development and deployment within his digital role.

‘Squared Online gave me a much better understanding about the digital customer journey and what is important when designing a digital strategy. Talking about commercial (both sales and marketing) automation, programmatic, data analytics….is no longer a mystery to me. I wouldn’t say I’m a programmer or that I know the details of coding, but this digital marketing leadership course was really helpful in familiarising myself with where digital strategy is today, in which direction it’s likely take us, and how organisations can or should prepare themselves for the future’, Daniel says.

Daniel continues: ‘most companies have worked on a digital strategy by now, but things are moving very quickly. Sales and marketing insights are being predicted and suggested by Artificial Intelligence, for instance. It’s available and very insightful, but how would you implement this in an organisation? Waeg is helping companies to understand what’s important for their business in terms of a digital strategy, using the right tools and deploying them within the company.’

It’s clear how Squared Online benefitted Daniel in helping him to find the career move, and in supporting his day-to-day work. ‘My experience on the course has been very positive’ Daniel says. He worked with diverse groups during the project stages – ‘some with lots of experience, some with fresh new insights’. For Daniel, it was ‘not just a course, but a real chance to study. People come to Squared Online from all different levels and background. It was a great mix of theory versus practical to suit different ages and experiences’.

To conclude, Daniel says that it’s ‘great that Squared Online combines real-life case studies with the theory and practice to get people thinking about new ideas. It’s fantastic to have this approach as it enables you to leave the course with the ability to apply it in a creative and practical manner’.

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