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With Squared Online, François sharpened both his digital marketing and digital leadership skills

François began his Squared experience when he was offered it as part of his company’s internal training. It was his first online course, and François was looking forward to starting a new learning experience.

No stranger to marketing, François graduated with a marketing degree from the European Business School and since then he has worked in PR, supporting technology companies. He’s worked closely with the marketing departments of various businesses for 20 years.

What was his goal with Squared Online?

“My initial objective was to discover a new way of working – which was online and virtual – and also find some new ways of doing my job.”

François’ expectations were exceeded by Squared Online. “Not only did it teach me a lot in terms of digital practices and marketing, it also provided me with an unexpectedly human experience.” He was particularly impressed by the structure of the course, being both online and international, which “illustrates the new reality of the dispersed world we’re living in”.

Did he like Squared Online’s style of learning?

François found online learning interesting: particularly the balance between the freedom to organise your own time and work and the weekly live classes. “The online resources and the classes are really impressive and, because it’s all online, you’re able to access it whenever is best for you.”

As a manager, François found the group work refreshing. “It’s interesting as it pursues the real-life teaching of managing different personalities and respecting each other’s work.” Used to his role of managing director, he found it refreshing to be part of the group and on the same level as everyone else.

“There were no references to who you are, what you do or where you’re from: it’s just about how positively and constructively you contribute to the project.”

What’s changed since Squared?

“While I haven’t changed role, there has been a clear evolution in the way I see my position and do my job. I try to focus more on the contribution of my collaborators, and I listen more. Beyond that, something I learnt that is notably helpful for PR is the process of associating data to hypotheses. It’s easy with digital, because the monitoring tools are readily available to track behaviours and draw conclusions. Thanks to the course, I’m now realigning our PR activities with accurate marketing practices and tools.”

“It’s a work in progress, but the course was a game changer for me: I now have a new mindset in my day-to-day job. I would strongly recommend the course to any colleague or friend, as it really opens your mind.”

Any final words?

“Squared Online not only improves your marketing skills and digital practices; it also allows you to open yourself up to others. It teaches you a lot about yourself, about your own relationship to work and to the world in general. It’s an amazing programme.”


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