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‘I now have the confidence to apply for jobs I wouldn’t have done before.’

Jenni Armstrong

Former Brand and Content Manager, Google

Reece Cargan came across Squared Online trying to turn a let-down into an up-swing.

‘I had applied for a Marketing Manager job at a university, and got down to the final two. In the end they went with the other candidate, and when I asked for feedback they said it had come down to the fact the other person had a professional copywriting qualification. So I decided to turn that around.’

And he didn’t do it by halves either. He enrolled on a digital copywriting course, and joined Squared Online
to develop his digital marketing skills simultaneously.

How did he do it?

‘A very understanding partner,’ he tells us, ‘I would basically come home from work, set up camp at the kitchen table and get my head down.’

And his hard work juggling work and study paid off: Reece changed jobs halfway through Squared Online,
when his dream role came up at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

‘I didn’t do a marketing degree at university,’ he explains, ‘and for a long time in my career I had been

trying to find my way back into film and media, which are my passions. When a Web Editor job came up
at the EIFF, with my digital marketing qualifications behind me, I finally had the confidence to apply –
which I wouldn’t have had previously.’

So what had changed?

‘Data. It was an area I’d never really understood and had always shied away from, but having done
Squared Online I was able to go into the interview and talk knowledgably about how data shapes content
and how I’d use data when creating content for the festival.’

Reece is hoping to reprise his role at the 70th Edinburgh International Film Festival next year, but in the mean time he continues to see the benefits of his decision to pursue further study – not least in helping
him define what he wants to do, and pro-actively plan to make it happen.

‘Squared Online add gravitas to your CV: employers comment on it, recruitment agents pick up on it. It’s
a two-way thing: you have increased confidence in yourself and you see that confidence reflected back
at you by employers. I now have the confidence to apply for jobs I wouldn’t have done before. It’s like a security blanket, the ultimate tool in the arsenal.’

He’s currently working as a Content Designer for the Scottish Government at digital agency Blonde
in Edinburgh, where data continues to inform his approach:

‘Interrogating and using data is key when designing content for people. Whether you’re looking at what people are searching for to add value to your proposition during the research phase, or looking at
how articles performed, it’s now critical to what I do.

But every area of the course has made an impact in some way. It’s like glass shattering: your perception
and work practices completely change. No matter what industry you work in, when you learn marketing
you’re developing actionable, transferrable skills.’

He recently even came across a familiar face at the office: Eleanna Sbokou, a fellow Square who
appeared in Reece’s first ever Squared Online class to talk about her experience on the course, is a Content Marketing Executive at their London base.

‘We had a few stories to share at the Christmas party,’ he says.

You can watch and read more Squared Online student stories here.

Find out more about Squared Online: you can give us a ring on +44 (0) 20 7173 5938, or download the brochure to read about the course and the Squared experience.

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