Module 1

Embracing change

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What you'll learn

You’ll start your Squared Online journey by exploring the concept of digital disruption and what it means for your role in marketing. As consumer behaviour and technology change rapidly, companies are pressured to transform marketing practices to stay relevant in business. You’ll identify characteristics that lead to successful adaptation and obstacles that sometimes cause organisations to struggle.

Digital marketing topics covered in Module 1:

  • Digital disruption and marketing transformation
  • Changes in consumer behaviour
  • Changes in the technology landscape
  • Adopting a digital-first approach in organisational characteristics and leadership behaviour

By the end of this module you'll be able to:

  • Explain why digital disruption is forcing businesses to embrace digital-first marketing strategies
  • Analyse disruptive changes in technology and consumer behaviour in order to transform marketing strategies in your organisation
  • Suggest how businesses should adopt digital-first behaviours to survive in the digital age

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Leadership challenge - keeping up and leading the way with digital changes

As digital disruption puts pressure on companies to adapt, some respond well, and others struggle. Because of this, marketers need to take the lead on driving change. This module explores four key attributes for digital leaders, which you’ll continue to develop throughout your Squared journey.

Assessment: Group Project

Drawing on the digital marketing and digital-first behaviours, you’ll create a ‘case for change’ that outlines a high-level strategic plan for transforming marketing practices and processes of a company that’s at risk of becoming outdated or failing. You’ll identify the challenges and opportunities facing that company and propose new marketing strategies to address them.

Take a deeper dive into Module 1

What is digital disruption?

The term digital disruption is used when new technologies impact how a business delivers services or products to their clients and customers. The word disruption might sound scary, but it’s not something you need to fear. If you’re willing to evaluate your current processes and technologies and are open to change, digital disruption will have a positive impact on your business.