What does my customer journey map look like?

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What are customer journeys?

A customer journey, also known as a user journey, is a visualisation of every experience a customer has with your brand. With the rise of digital marketing, there are now countless ways to interact with customers. For their experience to be as seamless and profitable as possible, you’ll need to monitor these touch-points and optimise them towards future success.

Why is customer experience mapping important?

All aspects of the customer journey are important - no matter how big or small. Mapping them all out helps you to see where to make improvements. It helps you to understand how all the parts work together so that you can really get under the skin of the customer experience.

Benefits of creating a user journey

· See where customers interact
· Focus on particular needs at different stages of the customer journey
· Provide a different perspective on how you sell or promote products and services
· Assess how logical and seamless the user journey is
· Identify new opportunities to develop
· Explore the gaps between customer expectations and reality
· Help your business focus on the most profitable channels

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More about your customer's journey

Customer journey summary

Knowing exactly what your customer wants and how they interact with your brand is the best way to improve and grow your business. Having a visual representation of their journey can help you identify any pain-points, as well as areas of strength. It can often inform where and how you need to improve.