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Why did you choose to study with AVADO over other providers?

An HR manager who had studied with AVADO recommended them to me for my AAT and now ACCA qualifications. Whilst I was starting ACCA’s F8 unit with AVADO, my company offered to pay for me to complete my studies with another provider. I thought about it but I decided to stick with AVADO and fund my own studies for two main reasons – the tutor support at AVADO and the genuine flexibility they offer.

How do AVADO’s tutors stand out?

I’ve studied AAT and ACCA with AVADO now, and the tutors have always been very encouraging, and they really know their stuff. Speaking with the other provider, it’s very restricted in terms of tutor support: you have to book appointments with a tutor at random – it’s a different tutor each time, so you cannot expect the same high level of support.

With AVADO, the tutors know me as an individual and can support me based on my strengths and weaknesses. English is not my first language, so I often get stuck. I’d prefer to speak with someone about what’s going on, rather than wait for someone who doesn’t know me, to reply to my question.

Since starting ACCA, I’ve been taught by Paul, Caron and Cat. They all know me on a personal basis now, and that I work 9-5pm Monday to Friday. Cat once called me on a Thursday at 7pm as she knew that’s when I’d be able to get back to her, and Paul has answered emails over the weekend and days before an exam for when I needed that extra support! They often encourage me to open my laptop to go through things with them, whilst in front of my screen, to make sure I fully understood what I was learning and confident.

How have your tutors supported you in gaining your qualification?

Before my Audit exam there were a few topics I was lacking confidence in and leading up to the exam Paul made the time to go through these with me to make sure I was feeling ready.

One of several things I found useful in the 3 weeks leading up to the exam was the individual feedback from Paul on all the marked practice questions, mock exams and course assessments, he even got on the phone to go through the feedback with me. Paul doesn’t just have me – he has loads of students, so to sit there, read, feedback, and all on time; I thought that was amazing! The Tutors at AVADO really help you to realise that you’re not alone, and that it’s okay to pick up the phone and talk to them.