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150 students, 28 countries, 13 time zones, all 4 corners

Jenni Armstrong

Former Brand and Content Manager, Google

In May this year we launched something exciting.

Leading performance marketing agency iProspect partnered with us as part of their new global talent initiative, NEXTGEN, to roll out a first-in-the-world tailored version of Squared Online for 150 employees stretching from Taiwan to the USA.

The result is a bespoke digital marketing course closely fitted to developing iProspect’s digital capability needs as a global agency, including case studies and best practice from iProspect’s own client list and guest speakers from their own subject matter experts and leaders.

There’s the Squared Online focus too on developing digital leadership, sharing knowledge, learning and collaborating in groups. And with students working across search, display, content, data and optimisation joining from 28 world markets, with clients ranging from major travel and retail to B2B software and services brands, there’s plenty of knowledge sharing to go round.

We’ve been working with iProspect and Google to develop the content, and figuring out the new challenge of how to deliver weekly live classes across 13 different time zones. After some time-bending calculations, live classes are held twice each week from London, so that wherever they are in the world students can log on and take part.

And with student feedback following their first month as Squares scoring 4.37/5 for interesting and engaging live classes (and 4.3/5 for Module 1 overall), we’re off and running.

To celebrate, we made this infographic showing the location and number of current iProspect students taking part in NEXTGEN around the world:

iProspect World Map

We’ll check in with the iProspect students again as they continue their Squared Online journey. In the meantime, you can read the full press release here.

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