How to innovate the Google way

Jenni Armstrong

Former Brand and Content Manager, Google

David Black – MD of Branding & Consumer Markets at Google UK – recently gave an expert speaker guest class on Squared Online.

He talked about how accelerating connectivity, bandwidth, processing power and wearability all make it an incredibly exciting time to be doing great things in digital – but brands and organisations need to adopt the pace of change and approach to innovation that the internet demands, and it’s up to us to drive that change.

Here are some of key insights from his talk to galvanise your own innovation agenda in 2016…

Start with a clear mission

Use it as a north star to help everyone think about how what they’re doing ladders up to that broader goal.

Bet on the future

Identify future trends, play them forward and bet big. Set ambitious goals and get your organisation behind them.  Progress is always bigger when everyone is pushing in the same direction.

Be open and fail well

Remember to be open, that good ideas can come from anywhere and there’s no monopoly on them either. How can you connect and share information to solve problems and generate ideas by getting everyone involved? And when things don’t work? Make sure to celebrate the right type of failure. Create a culture where it’s safe to fail fast, learn, and go onwards and upwards.

Data beats opinion

So much of digital is measurable, but treat it like data science: ask the right questions to get the right answers.

Think 70-20-10

This framework helps you prioritise what you do and invest time properly:

  1. 70% of resources go to your core product
  2. 20% to adjacent innovations in areas that are already familiar
  3. 10% is for what Google call ‘moonshots’ – big bets on future innovations

Reach out

Linking up with the best and the brightest develops and enriches your network, tech and ecosystem. Surround yourself with others looking to collaborate and reach out to people who inspire you.

What would be a moonshot in your role?

Follow David @davidblack. Now, off you go. Continue to do amazing things.

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