Liverpool Girl Geeks – Women in digital

Jenni Armstrong

Former Brand and Content Manager, Google

Helen Louise Johnson is a recent Squared Online graduate (the course helped her get a job in the games industry) who’s part of Liverpool Girl Geeks, a scheme which is trying to get more women into tech and digital roles.

We’ve joined forces with LGG to bring you a special guest post by co-founder and marketer Rebecca Jonesabout women in digital.

Tech and digital – is it a man’s world? Not any more! Gendered industries, most usually by historical precedent, are becoming a thing of the past.

What Liverpool Girl Geeks recognised three years ago was that Liverpool had an exponentially growing sector which was predominantly male, and in those years since we have been striving to address that gender balance.

What we’ve discovered during this time is that whilst it may be men in business and industry, taking the corporate route, but in Liverpool’s thriving indy-tech scene sisters are doing it for themselves!

Take for example one of our most excellent girl geek mentors, Alex. By day Alex is a normal 20-something living the metropolitan life in a buzzing city full of promise. By night (when really I mean around 2pm) Alex takes this lifestyle international by working across the Atlantic Ocean for a company in San Francisco. She does interviewing and hiring virtually in Germany by 5pm. This is the way industry will work in years to come, becoming a lot more conducive to different lifestyles.

Historically there are two key factors why women haven’t been able or purposefully didn’t access sectors like tech and digital.

Firstly – education and peer influencing of personal decisions. Secondly – women had babies, which took them out of the job marketplace. Tech and digital has moved so quickly in the last 20 years that even 9 months away means such a wide scope of sector knowledge to relearn following a return to work. I would argue that with working cycles and styles changing so vastly as a result of tech as a communication tool any limitations based on how you wish to live your life should be removed. They’re false barriers in today’s society.

Ultimately Liverpool Girl Geeks recognises that we are at the forefront of a changing working landscape where we need to ensure that women have the skills and confidence to access all these fantastic opportunities!

We hold regular events which will involve workshops, demonstrations, industry lead speakers and networking, so check out what we do and get involved!

YasminaSarahMegan and Jessica are four more women – and Squared Online grads – leading digital in different industries across the UK – you can check out their stories hereTo find out more about Squared Online you can give us a ring on +44 (0) 20 7173 5938, or download the brochure to read about the course and the Squared experience.