Nick Farnhill from Poke gives us his top leadership tips

Jenni Armstrong

Former Brand and Content Manager, Google

Squared Presents… is our event series where big thinkers and inspirational speakers join us at Google HQ to share their digital experiences and expertise across a wide range of subjects.

Our second event saw Nick Farnhill – CEO and founder of Poke – come on down to Google HQ to talk leadership.

Drawing on his own experience as the founder of a string of successful creative agencies, he hit the brief square-on, speaking inspiringly and thought-provokingly about the importance of asking good questions – and learning from the answers – knowing your strengths and hiring the people who make a stronger whole, and the key role leaders play in setting the tone and culture of their team every day.

Nick was a big hit with our special invited crowd of Squared grads… and here’s an exclusive clip of him sharing his top tips for leadership – enjoy!

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